Training Application

Pass Your Test Online also includes a section packed full of videos on most vehicle maintenance situations such as changing a tyre or checking your oil.

Our Show me Tell me application covers all 19 Official DSA "Show me Tell me" question combinations with easy to follow videos.

Easy to follow step by step guide to
the DSA’s "Show me tell me"

Easy to follow video
demonstrations with audio

Bonus clips that examine often
ignored safety checks

19 essential vehicle maintenance
procedures explained

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Official DSA questions

The DSA require you to answer 2 show me tell me questions on simple vehicle maintenance tasks. Pass Your Test Online shows you all the questions they will ask as well as the answers! Be prepared!

All the essential procedures

Pass Your Test Online explains each maintenance procedure with a clear and detailed video with voice over. It even covers maintenance procedures that are not covered in the test such as the all-important changing a wheel!

Every combination covered

Your driving instructor will ask you one of 13 show me tell me question combinations of which you must answer two questions. Pass Your Test Online details each combination with either a video or image and the question answer.

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