Training Application

Our 3D animated practical driving tutorials are intended to assist you with your practical lessons and work alongside practical sessions with your instructor.

Our application provides a fully interactive experience with animated scenarios and voice over guides.

Over 200+ animated practical driving
lessons with multiple camera angles

User friendly menus and interface

Easy to follow voice over from
a DSA Driving Instructor

Motorway driving section

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Over 250 animated lessons

Pass Your Test Online worked with the AA and Independent ADI’s (advanced driving instructors) to produce over 250 animated driving lessons that cover every aspect of your practical driving test. Pass Your Test Online has it covered!

3D animations with voice over

Our comprehensive database of animated driving lessons include a video with detailed voiceover. The voiceover always plays before the animation to allow the user to take all the important information on board without being over powered.

Revise on the move

Pass Your Test Online’s practical section has been developed to help you work through a learning plan with your driving instructor. Each of the 250 sections can be printed out or viewed in-car on an iPad or iphone.

No monthly contracts. Just one single payment of £9.99 for 6 months access.
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