Official Highway Code

Interactive Application

Learning the Highway Code is a key part of your driving test. The rules and regulations highlighted in the Highway Code aid towards significantly reducing road accidents by making you a better and more considerate driver.

Easy to navigate search facility for
specific topics within the Highway code

Simple topic list for easy and direct
access to the section you want

Directly downloadable to your
desktop or smartphone

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Easy and direct topic access

Pass Your Test Online provides the complete highway code book in a simple and easy bookmarked format to help you find your topic of intererst quickly and easily.

Easy to use navigation

Pass Your Test Online provides the complete Highway Code book online in a simple interactive application. With useful features such as search bar, zoom, print and view full screen we make it easier for you to read and navigate through your Highway Code.

Download to your desktop

Our Highway Code application is downloadable so you can view it even when you are not online, should you wish you can print off the section or page you want to revise and read.

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