Hazard Perception

Training Application

Pass Your Test Online lets you to practice the official DSA Hazard Perception videos to fully prepare yourself for your test.

Test your awareness and reflexes with easy to follow situation video clips that help you learn how to spot those unexpected hazards.

Learn how to spot and respond
to hazards before the tests

Take unlimited mock tests

Identical test centre "spot and click"
method of recording hazards

Replayable clips be for easy revision
and practice

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DSA Hazard Perception Clips

Pass Your Test Online has a database full of DSA sample Hazard Perception clips plus a number of clips we have developed with the AA and ADI’s. Each clip allows you to get essential practice to help pass the Hazard Perception part of your Theory Test.

Take unlimited Mock Tests

Practice makes perfect! Pass Your Test Online allows you to take as many Mock Hazard Perception Tests as you need to prepare for your real test. Each mock test consists of 14 different moving scenes. If you fail then just keep practising till you master it!

See where you went wrong

In practice mode you can review the clips after you have completed them to see the optimum time to click. Remember you are looking for approaching hazards and when the hazard has started it is too late...

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